Seplaa Enterprises

Expertise And Projects

Engineering & Sustainable Urban Development

Through Didot Global, we develop multispectral and technical solutions in engineering, architecture, law and policy. We have piloted and constructed several green buildings and co working spaces in Pakistan and offer consultancy services in creating unique sustainable urban spaces.

Sustainable Business Incubation & Support

Seplaa Hub provides green co-working, office and event spaces that offers additional technical support to businesses through our Seplaa Hub Arbitration & Law Centre and Seplaa Hub International Learning Programs specifically designed for our clients’ growth. Our office spaces are situated in DHA Lahore in 2 locations.

About US

Empowering through impact investments & green projects

Seplaa Enterprises, is a group of responsible social impact projects that focus on innovative infrastructure development, business incubation, learning and international outreach and a cross sector wealth of knowledge to bring the best urban development, capacity building, networking and empowerment solutions to the table. Founded in 2004 as SEPLA and functional as the social enterprise 'SEPLAA' with numerous success stories since 2008, it was restructured as 'Seplaa Enterprises' in 2016 as a business entity running numerous social impact projects in Pakistan.

Seplaa Foundation & Think Tank, Pakistan

Research & Community Outreach Partner